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Eyes Entertainment,Inc.


During the pre-production phase, we have the script broken down into individual scenes storyboards and all the locations, props, cast members, costumes, special effects and visual effects are identified. With this information we will hire department heads to facilitate and establish what is needed. An extremely detailed schedule is produced and arrangements are made for the necessary elements to be available to the director and his or her team, at the appropriate times. If not on location, Sets are constructed, the crew is hired, financial arrangements are put in place and a start date for the beginning of principal photography is set. At some point in pre-production we will schedule a read-through of the script which is usually attended by all cast members with speaking parts, the director, all heads of departments, financiers, producers, and publicists.


All of this usually commences after a UPM or Line Producer has established a budget and moneys in place.

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